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“Schooling for Tomorrow” - Final International Conference


Monday, 29 September at 9:00 - Wednesday, 1 October 2008 at 12:00 - Helsinki, Finland,


“Schooling for Tomorrow” (SfT) has been one of the most prominent of the CERI projects over the past decade or so. Its official launch was at the OECD/Japan Seminar held in Hiroshima in November 1997. The project has produced eight full OECD publications in the “Schooling for Tomorrow” series between 1999 and 2006. These publications have ranged over broad futures thinking and schooling scenarios to the nature of innovation to educational ICT applications to elaborations of demand-oriented and personalised approaches to education.

It has also produced the 2008 “Trends Shaping Education” publication (which will be continued after SfT has finished), an SfT “StarterPack” for school and community leaders, and a web-based knowledge bank of materials with detailed materials from the project. Since mid-2005, Schooling for Tomorrow has focused on “futures thinking in action” applications in concrete settings, and reflections on the lessons learned from this work will feature in this conference.


The conference both looked back over the decade of “Schooling for Tomorrow” and ahead to future developments, in education and the broader environment. Specifically, it aimed to:

  • Take stock of the lessons learned over the decade of Schooling for Tomorrow, including the impact and feasibility of futures-thinking strategies to overcome the preoccupation with the short term in educational decision-making.
  • Look ahead through the major trends impacting on the future: it will draw on the compilation of international demographic, economic, technological, social, political and cultural trends, identify and discuss the major forces and “mega-trends” that are emerging.

Agenda for the conference

Background information for the conference

Presentations made at the conference

ILE Meeting


Schooling for Tomorrow also provided the nursery bed for a new channel of international reflection – more focused on learning than schooling, more rooted in the learning sciences - that has now become an OECD/CERI project of its own: “Innovative Learning Environments”. (The afternoon of Wednesday 1 October will be devoted to this new activity.)

Practical Information


Note that the block bookings for those hotels have now expired. To book a hotel you are welcome to directly contact Ms Minna Rautiainen at Helsinki Expert (, +358 (0)9 2288 1411). Please mention that you will be coming to Helsinki for the OECD conference.



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