OECD/ CERI International Conference “Improving Teaching and Assessment for Adult Foundation Skill Learners"


February 13-15, 2008


The overall aim of the conference was to extend and deepen international understanding of strategies to improve teaching, learning and assessment for adult foundation skill learners.  This conference launched a new report on adult foundation skill learners (those with low level literacy, numeracy or language skills), the latest in the CERI "What Works" series.  This study brings a much-needed focus on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment within adult foundation skill programmes.

Specifically the Conference has: 

  • Examined and shared the main findings of the “What Works” study on teaching, learning and  assessment in adult foundation skill programmes.
  • Extended the focus to practices and experiences in OECD countries as a whole.
  • Brought together policymakers and officials, researchers, and programme leaders and practitioners  in order to consider the potential for implementing effective practices and how this might be  achieved. 
  • Set the agenda for further policy debate and programme improvement in the youth and adult  language, literacy and numeracy sectors.
  • Set priorities for further research and development in this area.




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