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Jan Hylén


OECD Analyst

Jan Hylén's responsibility is mainly in one project -- Open Educational Resources, which is a growing feature in the educational landscape. These include open courseware and content; open software tools; open material for e-learning capacity building of faculty staff; repositories of learning objects; and free educational courses. Concentrating on post-secondary education, the project will provide an overview of current trends. It is addressing four key issues inherent to open educational resources: sustainable costs/benefits models; intellectual property rights; incentives and barriers for universities and faculty staff; and access and usefulness.

Jan Hylén holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Stockholm University, Sweden. He has worked in the National Agency for Education in Sweden among other things as Director of Research. He served as Political Advisor to the Minister of Schools and Adult Education and has acted as Executive Secretary for the Swedish Committee on the European Schoolnet, and Chairman in the Working Group for a New National ICT Strategy for Schools within the Ministry of Education and Science. He was a self-employed consultant for three years before he joined the OECD/CERI.


"The Challenge of e-learning" Final report from the Working Group for a New National ICT Strategy for Schools, Ministry of Education and Science Ds 2002:55 (in Swedish).

Next step -- Interim report from the Working Group for a New National ICT Strategy for Schools, Ministry of Education and Science Ds 2002:19 (in Swedish).

"Social contract under review" in Morgendagens skole i Norden (The School of Tomorrow in the Nordic countries), a series of articles published by the Nordic Council of Ministers 2002 (in Swedish).

”Information and Communication Technology – ICT: Ensuring access to ICTs for everyone; Equipping schools and learning centres, Involving Teachers and trainers, Using networks and resources”. Paper presented at Seminar on Indicators for European Education and Training Systems, 2-3 May 2001, Cité International Universitaire, Paris.

”European Schoolnet – bringing the world into the classroom” in Information and Communication Technologies in Education. The School of the Future. IFIP TC3.1 International Conference on the School of the Future April 9–14, 2000, Vina del Mar, Chile. Ed. Harriet Tayler and Pieter Hogenbirk. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht/London, 2001

”The role of schools in the Information Society” in Educational technology and the impact on teaching and learning. Proceedings of an international research forum at BETT, January 2000. Ed. Michelle Selinger, Jim Wynn. RM, 2001

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