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Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin - Project Manager

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Stephan Vincent-Lancrin is currently responsible of two CERI projects: Innovation Strategy for education and training ” and “The future of higher education ”. His current interests cover: the nature and level of education and skills that are in demand in innovative societies; the innovation ecology in education (including higher education); the measurement of innovation in education.

He has been working on various topics related to higher education, educational innovation, and their economic and social impacts, including the internationalisation and future of higher education, e-learning knowledge management,  the role of education and training in regional innovation systems (learning cities and regions) and New Millennium Learners (NML).

Stéphan has authored many articles and book chapters and edited several reports, including the recent OECD/CERI publications on Higher Education to 2030 (volume 1: demography; volume 2: globalisation), Cross-border tertiary education : a way towards capacity development , and Internationalisation and trade in higher education. Beyond internationalization, his publications cover a broad range of topics like gender inequality, demography, ICT, innovation, capacity building, or finance and provision of higher education.

Before joining the OECD, Stéphan has worked for 7 years as lecturer and researcher in economics at the University of Paris-Nanterre and the London School of Economics.

He is a Marie Curie Fellow and a 2007 Fulbright New Century Scholar. He holds a PhD in economics, a grande école diploma in management, and a master’s in philosophy.


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Telephone: 33-1 45 24 92 29



Mathias Bouckaert - Analyst


Mathias Bouckaert, a Belgian national, has joined the OECD on the 1st of September 2017 to work on the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training in the CERI team. Mathias holds a PhD in economics from the University of Versailles (FR) where he investigated the current and future evolutions of universities and the conditions for their assessment. In this context, he conducted several comparative and exploratory studies on the roles and modes of operation of tomorrow’s higher education institutions, as well as their implications for educational practices and policies. Afterwards, he returned to Brussels (BE) to work for an NGO towards the coordination and the evaluation of projects aiming to provide a free and universal access to education and culture through innovative forms of knowledge transmission.



Telephone: 33-1 45 24 19 22


Federico de Luca - Analyst 

Federico De Luca

Federico de Luca is a Policy Analyst in the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training team since August 2017. As part of his work, he is responsible for the analysis in the project Assessing progression in creativity and critical thinking skills and for the work on indicators of innovation in education.

He joined the OECD in 2013 and previously worked at the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD) and at the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Federico holds a PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies from the University of Southampton (UK) and a MA and a BA in Social Statistics from the University of Padua (Italy). He has been a Research Assistant for the Universities of Barcelona (Spain), Chicago (US), Padua (Italy), Southampton (UK) and Venice (Italy), and he has published work on digital generations, the impact of new technologies on everyday life, the assessment of knowledge in health, energy and health care.



Telephone: 33-1 45 24 81 70


Le Fang - Analyst/Secondee

Le Fang is seconded to OECD EDU for one year from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018. He has worked as the Project Officer in Shanghai Education Evaluation Institute (SEEI), China since July 2005 and also held the concurrent post of the Administrator of Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) from March 2009 to October 2016, which is one of the largest regional quality assurance networks with more than 180 members. Le has been in charge of the evaluation for evaluation of teachers' performance in higher education, quality of Sino-foreign cooperatively-running schools and quality for the undergraduate majors in Shanghai. He has visited Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, France, Thailand, USA and Vietnam for conference and training. Le has about 10 peer-reviewed publications and presentations in the area of evaluation of teaching and learning in higher education, management of international organisation and quality assurance for cross-border education. He will work for the Innovation and Measuring Progress Division as well as for the Policy Advice and Implementation Division. 





Meritxell Fernandez-Barrera - Analyst 



Meritxell, a Spanish national, has joined the “Innovation Strategy for Education and Training” team in CERI as a Policy Analyst. She holds a PhD in Law from the European University Institute in Florence, as well as an MA in Language Diversity from Leiden University and an MA in Cognitive Science and Linguistics from the University of Barcelona. At the cross-roads of social science, humanities and new technologies, her research and publications have focused on open government and open public data, e-justice, language technologies and endangered language documentation.

Before joining the OECD, she worked as a researcher at the CNRS (CERSA, Paris), the Institute of Law and Technology (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and the University of Bologna. She also undertook linguistic fieldwork in Paraguay and contributed to the evaluation of pedagogical materials for a bilingual literacy program at the Paraguayan Ministry of Education. More recently she worked as a project manager of EC-funded projects on language technologies at ELDA, Paris, and as an editor and proofreader of pedagogical materials for Hachette.



Telephone: 33-1 45 24 74 87


 Madeleine Gereke - Project Assistant  

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Madeleine is a project assistant in the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training project. She holds a MA in Political Science and International Relations from University of Stuttgart, Germany and Sciences Po Bordeaux, France. Before joining the OECD in 2016 she worked as legal assistant at CMA CGM as well as project assistant for European Union funded research projects at Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum and has lived and worked in several countries.

Telephone: 33-1 45 24 95 85


Carlos González-Sancho - Analyst

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Carlos González-Sancho is a Policy Analyst in the OECD Centre for the Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) since 2012. As part of his work on the project Innovation Strategy for Education and Training, Carlos is responsible for the international CERI survey of longitudinal information systems and for analysis on the role of data in the innovation ecosystem in education. He is also involved in the project Assessing progression in creativity and critical thinking skills, where he co-designed research protocols and data collection instruments and supports national teams with the implementation. Carlos has also contributed to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) on a temporary assignment, authoring the chapters on equity outcomes in the PISA 2015 report.

Carlos holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oxford, a MA in Social Sciences from the Juan March Institute and a BA in Humanities from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and has been a visiting Fulbright Scholar at Princeton University. Before joining the OECD, he worked as a language and history teacher for several international study programmes and as a management consultant in London.



Telephone: 33-1 45 24 75 50


Gwénaël Jacotin - Statistician

Gwénaël Jacotin

Gwenael Jacotin is a statistician in the Directorate for Education and Skills. He currently works on the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training project. He is responsible for the data management and exploitation of the surveys on creativity and critical thinking skills and for statistical work on indicators of innovation in education. He holds a Master in Economics from Paris School of Economics (PSE) and a Master in Statistics from Paris 1 Sorbonne University. 

Telephone: 33-1 45 24 92 53 


Soumyajit Kar - Trainee 

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Soumyajit is currently a trainee in the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training team. He is completing his Master’s in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris, focusing on Emerging Economies and Global Economic Policy. He holds an undergraduate degree with honours in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Education, development studies and the political economy are his principal areas of academic interest. He has a diverse background, with internships in consulting, fast growing start-ups and media houses. 



Telephone: 33-1 45 24 82 05


Joaquin Urgel - Consultant 

Joaquin Urgel

Joaquin Urgel is a consultant in the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training team. He holds a Master´s degree in Public Policy and Development from the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). Prior to this, Joaquin completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics at TSE as well as a Master´s degree in Economics at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) as an exchange student. He was previously an intern at the Ministry of Territorial Decentralization of Bolivia where he worked on taxation issues.







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