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Governing Complex Education Systems - Case Studies


United in Diversity: A Complexity Perspective on the Role of Attainment Targets in Quality Assurance in Flanders - by Rien Rouw, Marc Fuster, Tracey Burns and Marlon Brandt
This case study explores the role of attainment targets as a means of systemic quality assurance in Flanders (Belgium), an education system whose governance structures and processes are characterised by high decentralisation and the participation of multiple actors.

Reforming Education Governance through Local Capacity-Building: A Case Study of the "Learning Locally" Programme in Germany - by Marius R. Busemeyer and Janis Vossiek
This study finds that the "Learning Locally" Programme can be regarded as a success due to the fact that it had a lasting and probably sustainable impact. It reveals that a number of local factors influence the relative effectiveness of the implementation of the programme.

Implementation of a New School Supervision System in Poland - by Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz, Bartłomiej Walczak and Marcin Jewdokimow
This case study explores the strategies, processes and outcomes of an education reform in Poland which was introduced in 2009 and substantively changed the school inspection system.

Shifting Responsibilities: 20 years of Education Devolution in Sweden - by Patrick Blanchenay, Tracey Burns and Florian Koester
This case study examines the consequences of important education decentralisation reforms that took place in Sweden in the early 1990s.

Coping with Very Weak Primary Schools: Towards Smart Interventions in Dutch Education Policy - by Van Twist M., M. Van der Steen, M. Kleiboer, J. Scherpenisse and H. Theisens
The case study looks at the effectiveness policy instruments aimed at reducing the number of underperforming primary schools in a system with a long tradition of school autonomy. Also read the blog.

Balancing Trust and Accountability? The Assessment for Learning Programme in Norway - by Hopfenbeck, T., A. Tolo, T. Florez and Y. El Masri
This case study explores the implementation strategies used Norway to enhance formative assessment in its schools. Also read the blog.


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