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Formative Assessment: Improving Learning in Secondary Classrooms




Publication date: January 2005
Pages: 280

This study features exemplary cases  from secondary schools in Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, Queensland in Australia, and Scotland; international literature reviews; and policy analysis. It shows how formative assessment can be put into practice in schools and classrooms and suggests how policies can support this direction for educational improvement.

This book will be of particular interest to policy-makers, teachers and students.

Key points:

  • HIGHER LEVELS of student achievement and greater equity of student outcomes are among the goals promoted by formative assessment.
  • TEACHERS who use formative assessment systematically make fundamental changes: in their interactions with students, the way they set up learning situations and guide students toward learning goals, even how they think about student success.
  • WITH FORMATIVE assessment, teachers guide students toward the development of their own "learning to learn" skills.


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