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CERI in-depth Evaluation Expert Panel report


The in-depth Evaluation (IDE) of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) was conducted in parallel to that of the Education Policy Committee (EDPC), as part of the OECD’s internal process for evaluating the work of its committees and programmes to which they are linked.

It was agreed at the time of the launch of the two evaluations in November 2009 that CERI, given the research orientation of most of its work, would be assessed from the double perspective of both the education policy and the research communities. Consequently, a panel review was designed into the evaluation methodology to provide a means of assessing the relevance and quality of the work produced by the Programme from a research perspective, as well as its potential for informing long-term policy developments and increasing the understanding of innovations. 

The review panel was constituted in July 2010. It was composed of five experts in the field of education research, including with experience of the use of research in a policymaking context. The participating experts were:

• Eric HAMILTON (United States).
• Hans SIGGAARD JENSEN (Denmark).
• Pierre LENA (France).
• Rudolf TIPPELT (Germany).
• Charles UNGERLEIDER (Canada).

The experts reviewed selected CERI product streams in their areas of expertise and interest, first individually in August, and then collectively in September 2010 when they visited Paris to question CERI officials on the work of the Programme.


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