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Brain and Learning: Network Activity


Literacy Network(Words)
This network focuses primarily on brain mechanisms related to the comprehension of written symbols, from decoding of morpho-phonological to the comprehension process of written materials.  It aims to develop a set of remedial tools, notably for the usage of dyslexics.

Numeracy Network(Numbers)
This network focuses on the cognitive neuropsychology of mathematics operations and focus on the developmental trajectory of numeracy including problems such as dyscalculia.  It aims also to develop rehabilitation software: which was the focus of a symposium held at INSERM (Orsay, France) on the 20th of September 2003.

A first joint meeting of the two above networks was held in Brockton (USA) from 29-31 January 2003.

A second joint meeting of the Literacy and Numeracy networks was held in El Escorial, Spain in March 2004.

Lifelong Learning Network(Lifecycle)
This network collaborates and co-ordinates with the other two networks, its main aim is on learning across the lifespan, it will also focus on plasticity, periodicity and learning for the elderly.

The First Meeting of The Lifelong Learning Network  was held in Yokohama (Japan) from 10-11 December 2002, in collaboration with the RIKEN Brain Science Institute.


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