Ashley Allen



Ashley Allen joined CERI in December 2000 as an administrative assistant. She is now working with Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin on University FuturesInternationalisation and trade in Higher Education, and E-learning in Tertiary Education; with Francesc Pedro on Open Educational ResourcesSystemic Innovation in Education and National Reviews on Education R&D.

As part of these projects Ashley is responsible for the organisation of meetings and arranging travel; the preparation of contracts; proof-reading and editing documents; assisting in the management of grants; and providing general assistance.

Ashley has been with the OECD since March 1995 joining the Directorate for Education after 5 years in OPS.  She has a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Spanish and International studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been living in Paris for 15 years.

Contact details:

2, rue André Pascal
75775 Paris, Cedex 16
Telephone : 33-1 45 24 99 62
Fax: 33-1 44 30 63 94



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