• 6-November-2012

    English, PDF, 3,489kb

    OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education - Mexico

    The purpose of the review is to explore how systems of evaluation and assessment can be used to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education. The Review looks at the various components of assessment and evaluation frameworks that countries use with the objective of improving student outcomes. These include student assessment, teacher appraisal, school evaluation and system evaluation.

  • 22-October-2012

    Spanish, Powerpoint, 2,871kb

    Tendencias, retos y propuestas educativas para México: una visión de la OCDE

    Presentation in Spanish given by Gabriela Ramos, Chief of Staff and Andreas Schleicher, Special Education Advisor to the Secretary General, on the occasion of the visit of the Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • 10-September-2012

    English, PDF, 929kb

    Education at a Glance 2012: Country Notes - Mexico

    Since making pre-primary education compulsory in 2009, Mexico has achieved one of the highest enrolment rates of four-year-old children among OECD countries, but high student-teacher ratios pose significant challenges for early childhood education and care.

  • 24-February-2012


    Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2012: Country Notes

    Country Notes from OECD Economic Policy Reforms: Going for growth 2011 presenting OECD recommendations for structural reform priorities for individual countries.

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  • 19-October-2011


    Informality in Mexico

    Mexico has a relatively large informal sector by OECD standards.

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  • 13-September-2011

    English, , 321kb

    Education at a Glance 2011: Country note – Mexico

    The 2011 edition of Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries’ performance.

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  • 13-September-2011

    Spanish, , 355kb

    Panorama de la Educación 2011: Nota de País - México

    La población mexicana que ha alcanzado una educación media superior se ha duplicado del 21% entre los 55-64 años de edad al 42% entre 25-34 años de edad.

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  • 21-June-2011

    English, , 1,568kb

    CELE Report: Standardised Design for Schools: Old solution, new context?

    In some countries today, standardised design is presented as a cost-effective solution, which reduces design and construction costs while producing a range of tried and- tested educational environments that support teaching and learning. Could this be a model for the future? &

  • 28-April-2011


    Establishing a Framework for Evaluation and Teacher Incentives: Considerations for Mexico

    In order to assist Mexico and other countries in addressing this challenge, this report provides advice for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating policies and practices on educational assessment, standards and evaluation, drawing on the world’s best available expertise.

  • 15-October-2010


    Mejorar las escuelas: Estrategias para la acción en México

    Este reporte desarrolla conocimientos comparados sobre reformas en política docente y gestión y liderazgo escolar en el contexto de un país miembro de la OCDE: México. Los resultados educativos en México pueden mejorar si se refuerza la eficacia de sus escuelas. La brecha en estándares entre el desempeño de los estudiantes en México y otros países de la OCDE sólo puede ser reducida si las escuelas se vuelven buenas en lo que hacen.

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