• 13-March-2015


    Schools for 21st Century Learners - Strong leaders, confident teachers, innovative approaches

    Successful education systems are those that promote leadership at all levels, thereby encouraging teachers and principals, regardless of the formal positions they occupy, to lead innovation in the classroom, the school and the system as a whole. This report summarises evidence from the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey and the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment that underpins the three themes of the

  • 6-October-2009


    CELE conference: Higher Education Spaces and Places

    The CELE international conference "Higher Education Spaces and Places: For Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange", being held jointly with the University of Latvia in Riga, will explore how to create sustainable educational facilities that will meet the needs of future generations.

  • 11-June-2001


    Reviews of National Policies for Education: Latvia

    Reform of education, training and human resource development is an integral part of the transition to a democratic society and market economy. Latvia has made progress in all these areas since reform began in 1990. The challenge for the Ministr...