OECD Education 2030

The Future of Education and Skills 2030 project aims to help countries find answers to what knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are needed for today's students to thrive and shape their world, as well as how instructional systems can effectively develop them.

Areas of Work

Our Learning Framework defines a clearer vision and goals for education systems, and a common language among countries, local authorities, schools, teachers, students and other stakeholders.  

Our International Curriculum Analysis is building a knowledge base that will allow countries to make the curriculum design process more systematic. It supports international peer learning and evidence-based debates among the project’s stakeholders. 

The OECD Learning Compass

OECD Education 2030 stakeholders have co-developed the Learning Compass 2030 that shows how young people can navigate their lives and their world. This Learning Framework 2030 offers a vision and some underpinning principles for the future of education systems. It is about orientation, not prescription.

Latest videos

Webinar: "Education for a better world: The OECD Learning Framework 2030", 16 February 2018 Summary of the 6th IWG meeting in Paris, France, on 23 – 25 October 2017 by Peeter Mehisto

Summary of the 5th IWG meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, on 16 – 18 May 2017 by Peeter Mehisto


2019 and Beyond


Education 2030 supports countries in addressing common challenges of curriculum implementation and identifying critical success factors. It will also explore the competencies and profiles of teachers who can help all students to achieve desired outcomes for future success.

These areas will be explored through a systematic analysis and consolidation of existing research, a country survey on curriculum implementation, as well as multi-stakeholder consultations, global peer-learning and triangulations.