Early childhood and schools

What is TALIS ?


We know that effective teaching and teachers are key to producing high-performing students. So how can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools?

The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) helps answer this question. TALIS asks teachers and schools about their working conditions and the learning environments. It covers important themes such as initial teacher education and professional development; what sort of appraisal and feedback teachers get; the school climate; school leadership; and teachers’ instructional beliefs and pedagogical practices.


  TALIS Countries


TALIS began in 2008 in 24 countries, focusing on lower secondary education. TALIS 2013 covers 33 countries and enables them to conduct the survey in their primary and upper secondary schools as well. Some countries have also chosen to gain additional insights by conducting the survey in schools that participated in the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).


Australia Estonia Latvia Serbia
Austria Finland Lithuania Singapore
Belgium (Flanders) France Malta Slovak Republic
Brazil Hungary Malaysia Slovenia
Bulgaria Iceland Mexico Spain
Canada (Alberta) Ireland Netherlands Sweden
Chile Isael Norway Turkey
Croatia Italy Poland United Kingdom (England)
Czech Republic Japan Portugal United States
Denmark Korea Romania United Arab Emirates


     Both 2008 and 2013    2008 only   2013 only  





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