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The OECD Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) Study seeks to provide policy makers and practitioners worldwide with examples of effective and innovative policies to improve initial teacher preparation systems. 

Country participation

Australia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the United States, with the United Kingdom (Wales), are participating in the study. 


Initial teacher preparation in the ITP study is defined as a composite of pre-service education and induction. Pre-service education includes alternative pathways, in addition to the formal education in particular field(s) of study and practical and pedagogical training that prospective teachers must complete to obtain the diploma/degree required to become a public school teacher. Induction, an element of in-service education, is the activities organised to support beginning teachers, such as formal and informal mentoring, support sessions, peer-work, etc. The study does not cover continuous professional development. 

Study goals

The Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) study aims to:

  • Synthesise the state of the art on issues related to attracting and recruiting the most suitable candidates into ITP programmes, equipping prospective teachers with the right mix of knowledge, skills and competencies; ensuring quality delivery of ITP programmes; selecting and certifying quality teachers; and providing adequate support to new teachers.
  • Facilitate the exchange of lessons and experiences among countries in this area;
  • Identify innovative and successful policy initiatives and practices from countries in which interesting system-level or institutional policies are already being implemented; and
  • Provide policy makers and practitioners worldwide with policy tool-kits and good practice examples to improve their initial teacher preparation programmes, including their teacher recruitment policies and the support schemes that are directed at new teachers. 

Find out more

Blog: Developing an agenda for research and education in Wales, by Hannah von Ahlefeld

OECD ITP Study - Project Brochure (English)

Download the brochure in English or in French (coming).

Coming soon…

Teacher Ready! web-based platform including:

  • The state of play in initial teacher preparation. Drawing on research literature and policy findings from OECD and beyond, this presents the latest trends and evidence of impact relating to the 6 themes on the "teacher education pathway".
  • SWOT policy analysis reports (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) prepared by the OECD review teams following their visits to countries.
  • Country background reports prepared by Australia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, United States and United Kingdom (Wales) identifying self-reported issues and challenges in ITP policy.
  • Final findings of the project, drawing on document and data analyses, on-site visits, SWOT policy analyses, and other contributions from country representatives and experts.

Country Background Reports:

  • Japan
  • United States
  • The Netherlands 
  • Norway 
  • Australia 
  • Korea 
  • Saudi Arabia 


Hannah von Ahlefeld
Analyst and Project Lead


Kjetil Helgeland
Tel.: +(33) 1 85 55 60 83


Yoon Young Lee
Tel.: +(33) 1 45 24 87 34


Florence Bernard
Tel.: +(33) 1 45 24 95 79




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