Early childhood and schools

About TALIS 2018


We know that effective teaching and teachers are key to producing high-performing students. So how can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools? The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) helps answer this question.

Key Information

The OECD is planning for TALIS 2018 and would like to hear from countries that are interested in participating. Please note that the recruitment period ends soon!

  • TALIS provides cross-country analysis that helps countries identify others facing similar challenges and learn about their policies.
  • TALIS results are published in the form of an international report, interactive database, individual country notes and thematic reports.
  • The themes covered by TALIS 2018 are likely to be similar to those explored in TALIS 2013, and all participating countries will provide their input in the choice of the themes.
  • Participants need to consider both international and national costs. The international costs are paid to the OECD as a fixed sum to help develop and administer the survey. The national costs, which vary by country, include funding for a National Study Centre and staff, as well as the translation of questionnaires and recruitment of schools.
For any questions or to express interest, contact project lead Karine Tremblay at karine.tremblay@oecd.org.




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