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The Education Policy Outlook is designed to help education policy makers with reform choices. It addresses the need for improvement in education in a comparative manner, while taking into account the importance of national context. Through a review of different countries' experiences in implementing education reform, the Project offers directions and strategies to facilitate future changes in education. It brings together the knowledge base of the OECD on education policies and international evidence.

Comparative Framework

To review education policy trends and action in countries, the Education Policy Outlook has devised a comparative framework of analysis: Students: How to raise outcomes for all in terms of 1) equity and quality and 2) preparing students for the future. Institutions: How to raise quality through 3) school improvement and 4) evaluation and assessment. System: How the system is organised to deliver education policy in terms of 5) governance and 6) funding.


Education Policy Outlook range of products

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The Comparative Report delivers a comparative insight into policy trends and the reform process across all OECD countries as well as succinct country snapshots.

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The Country Profiles provide an assessment of OECD countries education policies (context, challenges, reforms)

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The Reforms Finder is a multi-criteria search engine on education policies adopted across OECD countries.

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The next set of Education Policy Outlook Country Profiles is to be published this autumn for Hungary, Japan, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Brazil.

From 2015, the Education Policy Outlook Country Profiles benefit from a close collaboration with the European Commission for European countries.


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Voices of Education Policy are short interviews with policy makers based on the Education Policy Outlook Country Profiles.





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