• 1-March-1997

    English, , 744kb

    Transition From Initial Education To Working Life - Background Report - Australia

    The OECD Thematic Review of the Transition from Initial Education to Working Life describes how young people's transition to work changed during the 1990s.

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  • 6-September-1996


    Schools for Today and Tomorrow

    What makes a good school building? This unique, full-colour book brings together photographs and descriptions of forty-six fine schools selected by an international jury from across the OECD area. These schools exemplify what is best about recent...

  • 2-May-1996


    Lifelong Learning for All

    How can education and training systems adapt to the evolving needs of an increasingly global and information-based economy? What kind of policies can respond directly to the recognised need to develop the capacity to continuously adapt and renew?...

  • 1-April-1996


    Measuring What People Know: Human Capital Accounting for the Knowledge Economy (E-book PDF Format)

    Is human capital accounting theoretically possible and practically feasible? Economists estimate human capital on the basis of years of schooling or formal educational attainment levels regardless of actual productive capacity. Financial accounting and reporting ignore even these crude measures, leaving human capital off the balance sheet for want of rules or conventions. A review of innovative policies in OECD countries shows that

  • 22-March-1996

    English, , 67kb

    Complete list of PEB publications

    All publications by the OECD Programme on Educational Building from 1966 to 2006, including those in Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish.

  • 1-January-1996

    English, , 106kb

    Cross-National Research on School to Work Transitions: An Analytical Framework

    In this paper, we review the main comparative research papers on school to work transition processes by European researchers in recent years. Transition processes are viewed in a broad sense, covering those leaving second-level schools and third-...

  • 1-January-1996

    English, , 52kb

    Learning about work in general secondary schools

    In most OECD countries interest in the transition from school to work was quickened by the advent of high levels of youth unemployment, and of higher unemployment more generally. Inevitably the role of the school in the transition to work became ...

  • 21-November-1995


    Literacy, Economy and Society: Results of the First International Adult Literacy Survey

    What does a person need to compete successfully in a marketplace which increasingly requires technological know-how and high-level skills? And what can national policies do to cultivate a highly skilled, educated, and literate workforce? What doe...

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