• 1-January-2003


    Thematic Review on Adult Learning - Main Page

    This activity was set into motion to contribute towards making lifelong learning a reality for all, through understanding adults' access and participation in education and training and enhancing policies to increase incentives for adults to undertake learning activities in OECD countries.

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  • 1-January-2003

    English, , 91kb

    Integrating Handicapped Students in Secondary Education

    It has almost become a truism that including students with disabilities in mainstream schools is the preferred form of provision. Most countries in Europe have this as their goal and it has been the policy of the European Union for some years. But what is the current situation in relation to this goal for secondary education? This paper will use data gathered by OECD to throw light on this question. The data come from two sources.

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  • 1-January-2003

    English, , 127kb

    OECD Review of Career Guidance Policies - Outcomes From Career Information and Guidance Services

    As part of a study of guidance systems in Member State, in a perspective of lifelong learning, which the European Commission is undertaking in co-operation with OECD, the National Institute for Careers Education and Counselling (NICEC) was commis...

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  • 9-December-2002

    English, , 229kb

    Innovative-Technological Center (Presentation given at the OECD/Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation CRDF Workshop "Commercialising Intellectual Property")

    Within the framework of the Russia Programme of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non- Members (CCNM) and as part of the follow-up to the Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education and Research Policy in the Russian Federation, the Directorate for Education, Employment and Social Affairs launched a pilot project in 1999 on intellectual property and research management in Russian universities. The area of

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  • 28-November-2002

    English, , 64kb

    OECD Review of Career Guidance Policies - Career Guidance and Public Policy: Global Issues and Challenges

    A keynote presentation to the 'Pushing the Boundaries' international conference organised by Career Services Rapuara and the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance. Held in Wellington, New Zealand on 28-30 November 2002

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  • 15-November-2002


    Education Policy Analysis: 2002 Edition

    To meet a continuing growth in demand for learning, OECD countries seek to provide a wider array of education and training opportunities for learners in their earliest years through adult life. There are also pressures to ensure that resources ar...

  • 6-November-2002

    Spanish, , 199kb

    Economics and finance of lifelong learning (overview in Spanish)

    Learning is an essential basis for progress in the 'knowledge society'; it is critical for economic growth and social welfare. OECD Member countries have committed themselves to making lifelong learning a reality for all. But the resources requir...

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  • 3-October-2002


    Reviews of National Policies for Education - Lifelong Learning in Norway

    Norway is a test-bed for the implementation of a bold vision of lifelong learning. There is broad and strong political support within Norway for lifelong learning as a next logical step for a highly developed country with a highly educated popula...

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  • 1-October-2002

    English, , 123kb

    OECD Review of Career Guidance Policies - German Country Note

    The OECD endorsed a review of policies for career information, guidance and counselling services in autumn 2000, for career information systems are a key to making lifelong learning a reality.

  • 19-September-2002

    English, , 1,284kb

    "Investing in Competencies for All" Meeting of OECD Education Ministers, (2-4 April 2001) - I C T: School Innovation and the Quality of Learning - Progress and Pitfalls [Part I]

    For the past three years, and in response to the request of Education Ministers in OECD, CERI has launched a major study on the importance of ICT in education. The focus has been on ICT's impact on educational innovation and reform, student learn...

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