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Articles in PEB Exchange (formerly PEB Exchange):

  • Designing and constructing an exemplar zero carbon primary school in the city of Exeter, United Kingdom, April 2012
  • High performance school buildings in Portugal: A life cycle perspective, December 2011.
  • Sustainability innovation in United Kingdom Schools, October 2009.
  • In Slovenia, Šoštanj Primary School Collaborates with Its Community, October 2008.
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gases in English HEIs, June 2006.
  • School Grounds in Austria, no. 56, October 2005.
  • Energy-Efficient Renovation of Educational Buildings, no. 55, June 2005.
  • Low Energy Schools in Ireland, no. 52, June 2004.
  • An Ultra Energy-Efficient School in Quebec, no. 50, October 2003.
  • An Environmentally Sustainable Development in Australia, no. 50, October 2003.
  • Korea's School Grounds Projects, no. 50, October 2003.
  • The Role of Principals in Environmental School Development, no. 42, February 2001.
  • Improving the Quality of School Grounds in Finland: A Nation-Wide Competition, no. 40, June 2000.
  • Quebec: Energy Performance Contracts for the School System, no. 38, October 1999.
  • Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, no. 36, February 1999.
  • Teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design, no. 35, October 1998.
  • Australia: School Grounds and Risk Management, no. 34, June 1998.
  • The Ecologisation of Schools in Austria, no. 34, June 1998.
  • School Grounds (PEB conference), no. 33, February 1998.
  • Eco-schools - the Environment and Schools Initiative (ENSI), no. 32, October 1997
  • Ecological School Building in France, no. 31, June 1997


See also www.oecd.org/edu/facilities/sustainableschools




Mandaglio, M. (2008), “Eco-sustainability Principles and Responsible Development for Educational Facilities”, PowerPoint presentation made at the INIFED "VII International Congress on the Development of Educational Spaces", Guanajuato, Mexico, 12-14 November.




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