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  • 19-August-1999


    The New York Times quotes OECD work on school seismic safety

    A review of OECD countries’ implementation of the Recommendation Concerning Guidelines on Earthquake Safety in Schools, featured in the report and approved by OECD Council in 2005, will be released later this year.

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  • 1-June-1999

    English, , 789kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 37 - June 1999

    Articles: Higher Education and Disability; Needs Analysis in Belgium's Flemish Community; School Construction in the United States; After-Hours Use of Schools - Feature; Study Support in Extra Time in the United Kingdom; Book reviews: Strategic Management of College Premises by Ken Ruddiman, and The School Walls, Reflections on School Design by Marie-Claude Derouet-Besson

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  • 1-February-1999

    English, , 419kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 36 - February 1999

    Articles: The Netherlands' School Building Prize; Educational Building and Decentralisation in Mexico; School Science Laboratories; UK Asset Management Plans; An Innovative School in Torcy, France; An Albanian Model School; Educational Facilities in Korea; Useful Web Sites for Education and Building

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  • 1-October-1998

    English, , 404kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 35 - October 1998

    Articles: Ice Storm: Reacting to a Natural Disaster in Quebec; Architectural Competition for a Secondary School in Switzerland; The Netherlands' Study House: New Designs for New Pedagogies; Teaching Environmentally Sustainable Design; A Visit to Three Parisian School Libraries; Useful Web Sites for Education in Governments

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  • 1-June-1998

    English, , 316kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 34 - June 1998

    Articles: Schooling for Tomorrow - CERI; Libraries and Resource Centres for Tertiary Education; The Ecologisation of Schools in Austria; A Child-Sized School (France); Useful WWW Links for Architecture, Libraries and Research; Three New PEB Publications.

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  • 13-March-1998


    Providing a Secure Environment for Learning

    The question of security in schools and universities is becoming a growing concern in many countries. How can violence in both schools and universities be measured and curbed? How should the very notion of security be tackled? Whereas security ha...

  • 9-March-1998


    Experts meeting on libraries and resource centres for tertiary education, Paris, 9-10 March 1998

    This meeting bought together experts to better understand current trends in tertiary libraries, including their demand, organisation and design.

  • 1-February-1998

    English, , 855kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 33 - February 1998

    Articles: Greece - Architecture and Design for a Learning Society; The Innovative Pilot High School at Poitiers; PEB Conference on the Use of School Grounds for Learning; Useful WWW Links for Educational Building.

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  • 6-September-1996


    Schools for Today and Tomorrow

    What makes a good school building? This unique, full-colour book brings together photographs and descriptions of forty-six fine schools selected by an international jury from across the OECD area. These schools exemplify what is best about recent...

  • 22-March-1996

    English, , 67kb

    Complete list of PEB publications

    All publications by the OECD Programme on Educational Building from 1966 to 2006, including those in Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish.

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