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  • 17-July-2002


    Decentralisation and the Financing of Educational Facilities

    Who finances educational facilities? What are the criteria used and how are they applied? Each country has its own system; however, the general trends are towards diversification of funding sources and decentralisation of responsibility.

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  • 1-June-2002

    English, , 1,243kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange no. 46 - June 2002

    Articles: The Australian Science and Mathematics School, Flinders University, South Australia; The Lycée Maximilien Perret in France; School works in the United Kingdom: a new approach to local school design; Venezuela's Bolivarian Schools Project; Disaster management and educational facilities; New directions for tomorrow's schools: a personal view from New Zealand.

  • 1-February-2002

    English, , 1,097kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange no. 45 - February 2002

    Articles: Japan's standards for school building size; Research and initiatives for a new approach to educational building in Italy; City and Islington College, in the United Kingdom; Hungary's educational community centres; Educational building in Latin America.

  • 1-October-2001

    English, , 1,468kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 44 - October 2001

    Articles: An International Campus in Switzerland; The Relationship Between Capital Investment and Pupil Performance: An Analysis by the United Kingdom; The School of the Future; Different Possible Futures for Schools and Their Buildings: The OECD Scenarios; The Intelligent School; The Impact of Time on the Design of Learning Environments; The Learning Environment: Reflections on the Function of Facilities

  • 6-September-2001


    School Libraries and Resource Centres / Bibliothèques scolaires et centres de documentation

    School libraries and resource centres are changing in response to new technologies and new ways of learning. How should they be designed? What role will they play within the educational system and in society as a whole?

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  • 1-June-2001

    English, , 1,689kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 43 - June 2001

    Articles: Florence Symposium on Lifelong Learning; The United Kingdom's Classrooms of the Future; Living as Students: Bologna 2000; The Amsterdam Watershed - Feature; School Reform and Construction in the Province of Rovigo, Italy; Facility Benchmarking Trends in Tertiary Education - An Australian Case Study; School Building Organisation in Greece.

  • 1-April-2001


    Designs for Learning - 55 Exemplary Educational Facilities

    This book is a compilation devoted to high quality school and university buildings from 21 countries. Full-colour photographs and plans illustrate the 55 educational facilities selected by an international jury in recognition of their forward-loo...

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  • 1-February-2001

    English, , 1,399kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 42 - February 2001

    Articles: Learning through Landscapes; School Design and Management: Three Examples from France; Towards a Learning Society: LETA 2000 - Feature; The Multifunctional Digital Centre: A Concept for Developing Countries in the Electronic Age; Schools for the 21st Century: Are You Ready?; The Role of Principals in Environmental School Development; Learning and the Physical Environment: The Nordic Network for the Development of Tomorrow's

  • 1-October-2000

    English, , 1,002kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 41 - October 2000

    Articles: City Learning Centres for the 21st Century (United Kingdom); School Premises and Violence; Invention, Maintenance and Renewal of Urban Educational Facilities; New Technology and Education in Finland; The Science Resource Area in the State-of-the-Art High School (USA).

  • 1-June-2000

    English, , 1,128kb

    Programme on Education Building journal: PEB Exchange No. 40 - June 2000

    Articles: New York's School for the Physical City: Architectural Design Concerns; The Library of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; The Changing Infrastructure of Tertiary Education - Feature; Debate: Wired Versus Wireless; Book Review: Raising Standards: Opening Doors produced by the DfEE, United Kingdom

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