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CIPAE (Mexico) inaugurates a resource centre containing documentation on educational spaces


CIPAE (Mexico) has inaugurated a resource centre containing documentation and archives on educational spaces from UNESCO’s Architecture for Education unit as well as OECD/CELE. This documentation is open to the public.


On 10 September 2011, the Director-General of the International Centre of Prospective and Higher Studies (CIPAE), based in Puebla, Mexico, inaugurated a Gramateque* specialised in architecture and education. “Gramateque” signifies a resource centre which is more than a library or documentation centre. This particular one houses a vast amount of information, including archives from UNESCO’s former Architecture for Education unit as well as OECD/CELE documentation on educational spaces that have been donated to CIPAE.


CIPAE has not only safeguarded these archives for research purposes and consulting, but by creating this foundation it aims to build stronger links between architecture and education so as to develop schools as living habitats. The Gramateque will also promote awareness of how learning spaces can educate its users, as well as how to “educate” (i.e. humanise) learning spaces. CIPAE is seeking to promote an on-going dialogue rooted in a prospective, proactive approach between architects and educators the world over.


Director General of CIPAE, Luis G. Benavides; Architect Rodolfo Almeida; Dr. Nicolás Grijalva, researcher in Physics, CIPAE
Photo: Angel Fernández; © CIPAE

Some 6 000 documents are being digitalised and will be made available via CIPAE’s website. This resource will be accessible by institutions and individuals interested in improving educational facilities.

The Gramateque has been named after, and inaugurated in the presence of, Rodolfo Almeida, former Director of Unesco’s Architecture for Education unit, in recognition of his work to promote user-friendly educational facilities.


For more information, consult CIPAE’s website at www.cipae.edu.mx.


* Grammatheque (gramma γράμμα = document ; theke θήκη = box)




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