Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)

A new era for international collaboration on educational facilities


The OECD Council approved the transformation of the Programme on Educational Building (PEB) into the Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE) in January 2009.

Following an evaluation of PEB carried out by Thierry Malan, IGAENR (Inspection générale de l'administration de l'éducation nationale et de la recherche), CELE has been granted a new three-year mandate in which to carry out its work. The mission of CELE is to assist its members to improve the educational and operational effectiveness of learning infrastructure, for all education levels and programmes. Specifically, it seeks to inform and advise countries on how to maximise the benefit of their investment in educational facilities and equipment through effective planning, design, construction, management and evaluation.

The continuity with the long-standing work of PEB is clear, but there is a renewed focus on quality and effectiveness. Importantly the CELE Board of Participants will report directly to the OECD’s Education Policy Committee which will increase the policy relevance of the Centre’s work and ensure greater visibility for it.

CELE’s programme of work for 2009-10 includes reports and events on:

  • environmentally sustainable educational facilities;
  • evaluating the quality of and investments in educational facilities and equipment;
  • futures thinking in educational infrastructure;
  • school safety and security;
  • spaces and places for learning, innovation and knowledge transfer in higher education.

Highlights of 2009 include a meeting of national experts on evaluating facilities and an international conference on sustainable educational facilities in Slovenia; the CELE Secretariat is also monitoring the impact of the financial and economic crises on infrastructure investment and construction. And plans are being made for the publication in 2010 of the fourth OECD Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities which will showcase some of the best examples of schools and universities that embody the principles of quality. See www.oecd.org/edu/facilities for up-to-date information on CELE’s activities.

The first Chair of the CELE Board of Participants is Eduardo Bravo Esqueda, Director General of INIFED, Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de la Infraestructura Física Educativa. Vice-Presidents Abdusammet Arslan (Turkey) and Jose Freire da Silva (Portugal) support him.

The CELE Secretariat team is led by Richard Yelland, and includes Alastair Blyth, Hannah von Ahlefeld, Jill Gaston, Christin Cave and Pat Emburey.




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