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"Higher education serves multiple important roles in societies, including the intellectual development of each person who takes part and economic, social and cultural development.  A vibrant higher education system is a key contributor to individual personal achievement and to the creation of successful societies and economies.  The IMHE provides a valuable forum where the policies and practices underlying vibrant higher education systems can be identified, discussed and widely disseminated.  This is of immediate direct benefit to participating agencies, and institutions and their students.  In the long run it is of benefit to all humankind. "
Tom Boland, Chief Executive, Higher Education Authority, Ireland

“The IMHE provides policy studies and sponsors projects and forums that are invaluable to OECD leaders in higher education who are confronted daily by an ever-changing and often volatile global environment. These services help higher education leaders around the world build a solid foundation for informed decision-making and benchmarking best practice.”
Molly Corbett Broad, President, American Council on Education, United States

"The value added benefits of IMHE is that it provides direct access to latest thinking on HE from around the world. It enables us to develop good contacts with other policy makers and to track latest developments. We have also found IMHE useful in addressing particular issues e.g. financial management and governance."
Steve Egan, Deputy Chief Executive - Director of Finance and Corporate Resources, HEFCE, United Kingdom

“IMHE programmes and publications are some of the most valuable sources of information and research for keeping up the pace with the truly relevant developments of higher education on the global scene. The biennial General Conference is a thought-provoking event and a unique opportunity for networking,”
Dr. Jocelyn Gacel-Ávila, General Director for Internationalisation, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico

"For the University of Iceland the membership of IMHE is very valuable as it makes it possible to follow what innovations are happening in the university world. It also makes it possible to participate in research
projects that encourage self evaluation and provide benchmarks with other universities."
Ingjaldur Hannibalsson, Professor, University of Iceland, Iceland

"OECD IMHE is one of the leading organizations in the world that accumulates, analyses and distributes information on institutional management of the higher education. For our university the participation in OECD IMHE stands for operative access to high-class expertise, data and colleagues- experts in the field – all around the world. The University of Latvia considers that being among members of OECD IMHE is a prestigious opportunity."
Jānis Stonis, Administrative Director,  Latvijas Universitāte, Latvia

In French:

"Je vois plusieurs avantages à être membre de l’IMHE :
Se tenir au courant de ce qui se fait dans les autres pays en ce qui concerne le pilotage et le financement des hautes écoles; Apprendre des réussites des autres; Se tenir au courant des nouvelles approches  conceptuelles, des nouvelles théories; Bénéficier du réseau de spécialistes du management des hautes écoles."
Dr Müfit Sabo, Responsable du management des ressources, Office fédéral de la formation professionnelle et de la technologie, Suisse


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