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At this crucial time for higher education, the OECD Higher Education Programme, relying on the OECD’s analytical resources, provides an unrivalled context for strategic thinking and debate, and for greater awareness and understanding of the role of higher education.


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Who may join?

Membership is open to institutions of higher education, government departments, agencies and other non-profit organisations dealing with issues in higher education. Membership is subject to IMHE Governing Board approval.


What are the advantages of membership?

  • Free participation in the Higher Education Workshops, designed exclusively for the Programme's members and tailored to members’ needs and priorities. These workshops enable you to connect with other members – physically or virtually – to discuss topics of common interest and will:
    - be participative, requiring active engagement;
    - foster and encourage peer-learning; and
    - develop relevant insights for participants to take back and use.
  • The annual “State of Higher Education” concise, exclusive report for members that will deliver comparative data, share key policy developments in countries and provide thoughtful analysis of current higher education developments and policy challenges. These high-value reports will be designed to :
    - assist you to quickly and easily assimilate what is happening in higher education across countries;
    - stimulate your thinking and reflection about the policy and practical challenges facing the higher education sector;
    - alert you to emerging trends and potential tensions;
    - bring OECD analysis on higher education directly to your desk.
  • The quarterly “What it means for higher education” series designed to help you navigate your way through the richness and abundance of OECD data and analysis on topics that have an impact on higher education. This series may include topics such as migration trends, demographics, economic growth, public finances, income equality and social mobility and many others.  The series is designed to:
    - provide you with relevant insights into the broader environment to assist you in developing and monitoring your institutional management strategies;
    - raise awareness of developments outside the higher education sector that will have an impact on higher education institutional management;
    - better connect the OECD’s work on other topics and higher education (in both directions).
  • Free access to all online OECD publications (via OECD iLibrary) (**For personal use only by the organisation’s main contacts for the Programme).
  • In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Organisation, if you are elected, you may participate in the IMHE Governing Board and become part of the work programme’s decision-making process.

Affiliate benefits

The Programme has formed an affiliation with the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration CONAHEC, so that Programme members may benefit from: a reduced fee of 15% when signing up for CONAHEC membership.

N.B.: Institutions who are already members of CONAHEC may benefit from a reduction of 10% of the Programme's annual membership fee.


Your link to the prestigious OECD

By joining our Programme you will immediately profit from being linked to an internationally recognised network and kept up to date with the latest innovations in education and in managing higher education institutions. Your privileged connection to the OECD will engage you directly in helping in influencing this international organisation on how to tackle key policy issues to improve institutional leadership management and governance in higher education.

When your membership is confirmed and your fee paid, you will receive an OECD Higher Education Programme logo for the current year to display on your website and to link back to the Programme's website. We have created the logo so that our members can clearly show their collaboration with the OECD Higher Education Programme, as well as easily identify each other as part of the OECD Higher Education Programme community.


Who are the current members?


How to join?

Membership fees and conditions

The annual membership fee for 2016 is 3600€ and is for the calendar year. Fees are subject to annual increases.

Payments for the current year

Organisations joining during the year may pay a reduced rate according to the following scale:

  • 3550€ – applications approved between 1 January and 30 April
  • 2400€ – applications approved between 1 May and 31 August
  • 1250€ – applications approved between 1 September and 30 November
  • Free for 2015 (with the 2016 fee payable) – applications approved between 1 December to 31 December

Cancellation of membership
The work of the OECD Higher Education Programme is paid for by its members, therefore we ask that requests for cancellation of membership for the following year must be notified by 30 June of the current year. If a request is received after 30 June, then the membership payment remains due for the following year and the cancellation will be effective as of the year after that.

Also note that non-payment of the membership fee will mean cancellation of your membership.


Application form

Please fill out the application form available from the link below, your request for registration will be sent to the IMHE Governing Board, which will take three weeks to evaluate your candidature.


Membership Application Form


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