About the OECD Higher Education Programme



The OECD's Higher Education Programme has established a permanent forum in which education professionals can exchange experiences and benefit from shared reflection, thought and analysis in order to address the issues that concern them.

The Programme’s work has a global reach and includes monitoring and analysing policy making; gathering data; and sharing new ideas, as well as reflecting on past experience. These activities assist members to contribute to the development of higher education internationally, nationally and locally.

The Programme’s strategic position within the OECD provides members with a recognised international network, drawing together higher education professionals, leaders, policy makers, managers and researchers. 

In November 2015 the IMHE Governing Board decided that the current mandate of the Programme will not be renewed when it expires on 31 December 2016. However, the Programme will continue to function until the end of 2016 and will strive to provide its members with outputs that allow better information, supporting forward looking and strategic decisions.


 Membership fee and responsibilities:

The annual membership fee for 2016 is 3600€ and is for the calendar year. 

The IMHE Governing Board would like to remind all members of the IMHE of their responsibility for paying their assessed member contributions for 2016. The Secretariat will deliver outputs set out in the IMHE’s established Programme of Work unless there is an income shortfall in 2016.

The work of the OECD Higher Education Programme is paid for by its members; therefore we ask that requests for cancellation of membership for the following year must be notified by 30 June of the current year. If a request is received after 30 June, then the membership payment remains due for the following year and the cancellation will be effective as of the year after that.

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