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 The OECD's Higher Education Programme is a forum in which education professionals can exchange experiences and benefit from shared reflection, thought and analysis in order to address the issues that concern them.

The Programme’s work has a global reach and includes monitoring and analysing policy making; gathering data; and sharing new ideas, as well as reflecting on past experience. These activities assist members to contribute to the development of higher education internationally, nationally and locally.

In November 2015, the IMHE Governing Board agreed not to renew the programme's mandate which expires on 31 December 2016. As a result, the IMHE programme will close at the end of 2016.OECD is continuing to work on higher education through Enhancing Higher Education System Performance with two strands of work: benchmarking higher education system performance and in-depth analysis of higher education topics, the first of which will be the labour market relevance and outcomes of higher education systems.

This work includes the establishment of a new stakeholder dialogue process to engage a broad range of higher education stakeholders. All 2016 IMHE members will be automatically invited to join the stakeholder dialogue. 


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