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Tracey Burns heads the Governing Complex Education Systems project in the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI). This project looks at the challenges that governments face in steering complex education systems and the role of knowledge in that process.    She is responsible for the publication of Trends Shaping Education 2013



Previously at the OECD Tracey also led the following CERI Projects:



Past Experience


Tracey holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, Canada, and a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology from Northeastern University, USA. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honours, including The University of British Columbia Post-Doctoral Fellowship and the American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Award. Previous to her current work she worked on social determinants of health and on education and social inclusion issues at both the OECD and in Vancouver, Canada. As a Post-Doctoral Fellow at The University of British Columbia, Tracey led a research team investigating newborn infants' responses to language, and was an award-winning lecturer on infant and child development.

Recent Publications


  • Blanchenay, P., T. Burns and F. Köster (2014), "Shifting Responsibilities - 20 Years of Education Devolution in Sweden: A Governing Complex Education Systems Case Study", OECD Education Working Papers, No. 104, OECD Publishing, Paris. doi:
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  • Burns, T., K.A. Yoshida, K. Hill and J.F. Werker (2007), "The development of phonetic representation in bilingual and monolingual infants", Applied Psycholinguistics, 28(3), 455-474.

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OECD Directorate for Education and Skills
2, rue André Pascal
75775 Paris, Cedex 16
Telephone: 33-1 45 24 14 75




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