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Innovation Strategy for Education and Training 

Following its contribution to the OECD Innovation Strategy (2010), this activity focuses its continued work around two strategic goals and feeds the OECD Skills Strategy: Skills and education for innovation and innovation in education.


Innovative Learning Environments

How can today’s schools be transformed to foster deep learning and prepare their learners for the rapidly changing 21st century? This question runs though the different threads of this project, which seeks to look beyond the institutional structures of schooling.


Education and Social Progress

Skills matter for individuals’ success and societal progress. The project will help countries identify and develop skills that are indispensible for improving key measures of societal well being and progress, such as life satisfaction, health and civic engagement.


Governing Complex Education Systems

A crucial question for OECD countries today is how to achieve national objectives for education systems under the condition of complexity. This CERI project is designed to identify governance models and knowledge systems for complex education systems.


Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning (ITEL) - Teacher Knowledge Survey

High-quality teachers are the most valuable resource in obtaining premium educational systems. Many policies and reforms are now focusing specifically on the teaching profession. By looking at innovative teaching practices we can learn a lot about shaping more effective learning.


Trends Shaping Education

Trends Shaping Education brings together international evidence to give policy makers, researchers, educational leaders, administrators and teachers a robust, non-specialist source to inform strategic thinking and stimulate reflection on the challenges facing education, whether in schools, universities or programmes for older adults. It will also be of interest to students and the wider public, including parents.


Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are rapidly becoming a major phenomenon in education across OECD countries and beyond. Initiated largely at the level of institutions by pioneers and technology advocates some ten years ago, the OER community is growing, and the impact of OER on educational systems has become an issue of public policy.



Learning Formative Assessment for Adults

New Millenium Learners


Innovation Systemic Innovation in Education

Digital learning resources as systemic innovation

E-Learning and Tertiary Education

Markets in Education



Social Outcomes of Learning

Learning Sciences and Brain Research

Evidence-based Policy Research

National Systems of Educational R&D


Diversity Globalisation and Linguistic Diversity

Teacher Education for Diversity

Internationalisation and Trade in Higher Education


Futures Schooling for Tomorrow

University Futures


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