Turkey Economic Snapshot


Upcoming July 2019: Structural Reform - Going for Growth 2019 priorities

Going for Growth builds on OECD expertise on structural policy reforms and economic performance to provide policy makers with a set of concrete recommendations on reform areas identified as priorities for strong and inclusive growth. The priorities broadly cover product and labour market regulation, education and training, tax and transfer systems, trade and investment rules, as well as innovation policies. The Going for Growth framework has been instrumental in helping G20 countries make progress on their structural reform agenda, including through monitoring their growth strategies to achieve sustained and balanced growth.

13 July 2018 - Economic Survey of Turkey

Turkish GDP per capita has continued to catch up with the more advanced OECD economies. Despite a series of adverse shocks including severe geo-political tensions at the southeastern border and an averted coup attempt in 2016, GDP growth averaged nearly 7% over 2010-17. Labour productivity now exceeds that of several other catching-up OECD economies, notwithstanding the prevalence of low-productivity informal activity, especially in agriculture. This reflects the strong performance of a dynamic, albeit fragmented, business sector. Despite dynamic job creation and a labour force growing at above 3% per year, the employment rate of the working age population remains the lowest in the OECD.