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  • 4-October-2012


    Rebuilding confidence: a new agenda for inclusive growth

    Secretary-General Angel Gurría opened the OECD High-level Parliamentary Seminar with an exchange of views on ongoing efforts by the OECD to restore confidence. An example is our “New Approaches to Economic Challenges” initiative to examine lessons learned from the crisis while identifying a renewed strategic policy agenda for inclusive growth and well-being.

  • 1-October-2012


    Estonia: Greater economic stability and resilience can be achieved by investing in the Estonian people

    OECD Secretary-General addresses how Estonia can become more resilient to external shocks and achieve even stronger, more sustainable and inclusive growth at the official launch of the latest OECD Economic Survey of Estonia.

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  • 28-September-2012


    Keeping up the reform effort for stronger, cleaner and fairer growth in Indonesia

    Going structural, going social, going green and going institutional will enable Indonesia to secure its path to prosperity and ensure inclusive and sustainable growth.

  • 17-June-2012


    World Economic Outlook and the situation in the Euro area

    Policy makers must avoid the downside scenario of a major shock to the European and global financial systems. Europe has to mobilize its strengths, and put out the immediate fires associated with the spiraling banking and sovereign debt crisis, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 26-April-2012


    Launch of the Economic Survey of Korea

    At the launch of the Economic Survey of Korea, A. Gurría. said the country needs to sustain strong economic growth while achieving social cohesion through a fair distribution of income.

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  • 24-April-2012


    Revitalising the Japanese Economy: The Way Forward

    The Great East Japan Earthquake took a heavy toll of human lives and inflicted a massive economic damage, estimated at 3½ per cent of GDP. This event requires considerable time and a nation-wide effort of reconstruction. This is the first component of Prime Minister Noda’s “Strategies to Revitalise Japan”, which we very much welcome and support, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 28-March-2012


    Towards a stronger and greener Polish economy

    Throughout the global and European economic crisis, Poland has been the OECD’s champion in terms of cumulative real GDP growth. But Poland must continue to build on its past achievements and make further progress in areas where reforms are needed to sustain strong growth in the years to come.

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  • 27-March-2012


    The Unfinished Business of Making Europe Work

    Weak financial conditions, fiscal consolidation and economic adjustment are restricting demand in the short-term before the long-term benefits on stability and growth are felt, Mr Gurría said. Decisive action to restore confidence and support demand is needed now, he added.

  • 26-March-2012


    Going for Growth and Balance in Europe

    Over the last four years we have lived and worked under the impact of the greatest economic crisis of our lifetimes. Recent actions in Europe have cleared a bit the fog but the confidence in the markets is still shaky and the long-term growth perspective of Europe is muted.

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  • 2-February-2012

    English, , 495kb

    Post-crisis debt overhang: Growth implications across countries

    Public debt in the OECD area passed annual GDP in 2011 and is still rising. This paper was prepared for the Reserve Bank of India Second International Research Conference 2012: “Monetary Policy, Sovereign Debt and Financial Stability: The New Trilemma”, 1-2 February, 2012 in Mumbai, India

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