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  • 3-June-2015


    Launch of the OECD Economic Outlook, June 2015

    In our new Economic Outlook, we show that the world economy remains stuck in a low-growth equilibrium of low investment, high unemployment, low productivity and low wage growth. The process of healing from the biggest crisis in our lifetime has been very slow. And we are still suffering from its legacies.

  • 4-May-2015


    Launch of the OECD Economic Survey Slovenia 2015

    Slovenia has made an impressive turnaround in a short time. And this has laid the foundations for better times to come. But a positive outlook should not lead to complacency: future growth will only come if reforms are completed, and implemented fully.

  • 17-April-2015


    Addressing Growing Inequality through Inclusive Growth: Insights for the US and Beyond

    In his speech delivered at the Brookings Institute, OECD Secretary-General Gurría explains that OECD’s numbers tell a clear-cut story of how our traditional economic growth agenda has neglected inclusiveness. Yet to begin to tackle this problem, we have to understand that inequality is not just about money. It touches every area of people’s lives.

  • 16-April-2015


    Launch of OECD Scoreboard on Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2015

    ‌Small and medium-sized enterprises are crucial for tracing new paths to more sustainable and inclusive growth, thanks to their role in providing employment. In the OECD area, SMEs provide the main source of employment and value creation, accounting for about 60 to 70% of employment and more than 50% of value added.

  • 8-April-2015


    INET 2015 Annual Conference: “Liberté, égalité, fragilité”

    It is a great pleasure to open this sixth Annual Conference of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), under the very provocative title of “Liberté, égalité, fragilité”.

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  • 31-March-2015


    Policies to revive growth and put European countries back on a sustainable path - European Parliament ECON Committee

    Last time I addressed the Committee in November 2013, we were still in crisis mode. Two weeks ago, the OECD released its Interim Economic Outlook and it seems that the Spring of 2015 has brought encouraging signs for the global economy. Lower oil prices and widespread monetary easing have raised the potential for the acceleration of growth that is so needed in many countries, especially in Europe.

  • 30-March-2015


    Launch of 2015 Economic Survey of Sweden

    Where many countries are still struggling with the legacies of the global financial crisis, Sweden is proving to be one of the more resilient economies in Europe and the OECD. This is very encouraging. Let me share with you our perspective of the Swedish economy, of its resilience, but also of the key challenges ahead and possible ways to address them.

  • 27-March-2015


    Launch of 2015 Economic Survey of Luxembourg

    It’s a pleasure for me to be able to open an Economic Survey speech with a truly positive message. I’ve launched many surveys throughout the OECD in difficult times. There haven’t been many other occasions over the last years where I could stand up and say: things are looking good!

  • 16-March-2015


    Statement by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría on the occasion of the visit of President Aníbal Cavaco Silva of Portugal to the OECD, 16 March 2015

    It has been a great honour to welcome President Cavaco Silva to the OECD – the first ever visit to the OECD by a Portuguese Head of State.

  • 11-March-2015


    Promoting decent work worldwide through sustainable supply chains - G7 Stakeholder Conference

    Sustainable supply chains can transform global trade and development by ensuring that businesses behave responsibly even in countries where social, environmental and human rights standards are weak or not adequately enforced. We have witnessed too often the disastrous consequences that can result if this is not done.

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