Speeches / Presentations

  • 14-April-2016


    April 2016 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting: Remarks on global economy and growth framework

    Despite some welcome rebound in financial markets, global growth prospects remain weak. The main challenges facing G20 policymakers of low growth, sluggish trade, sub-par investment, weak productivity gains, high unemployment and growing inequality – not to mention a number of remaining downside risks – are unresolved.

  • 10-March-2016


    Launch of the 2016 Economic Survey of Greece

    It is very important to put this study in context. During the past six years, Greece has gone through an unprecedented and very painful contraction. It is hard to think of any other OECD country that has experienced such economic hardship in recent times.

  • 27-February-2016


    Shanghai G20: Global Economy and Framework

    Remarks made at Session II - Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth at the G20 Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting

  • 26-February-2016


  • 26-February-2016


    Shanghai G20: Remarks at high-level seminar on structural reform

    The global economy is, again, going through very challenging times as highlighted by our updated OECD economic outlook. Let me concentrate on the challenge of slow productivity gains, which is central to the difficulties we are currently experiencing.

  • 31-January-2016


    Launch of 2016 Economic Survey of Israel

    While Israel has closed the gap in average living standards with the most advanced OECD economies, a number of challenges lie ahead to ensure growth is sustainable and inclusive.

  • 21-January-2016


    Tech and Innovation: Shaping Latin America's Future

    Technology and innovation are crucial to solving Latin America’s twin challenges – low productivity and high inequality. The OECD is working intensively to bridge the two.

  • 12-January-2016


    7th NAEC Group Meeting: “New Year, New Challenges, New Approaches”

    This group has become a key forum for discussing emerging challenges and promoting novel ways of addressing them. It offers opportunities for cross-committee, inter-disciplinary and horizontal discussion not only to think about policy linkages, trade-offs and complementarities, but also to do some soul-searching, learn from the past, and update our analytical frameworks in order to address the present and, above all, the future.

  • 25-November-2015


    Beyond the Crisis: New Approaches to Current and Future Economic Challenges - NAEC Seminar

    It is a real pleasure to join you today in discussing one of the most important initiatives of the OECD, the "New Approaches to Economic Challenges" (NAEC). We undertook this initiative in response to the crisis, with the purpose of doing some soul-searching, learning from the past, and updating our analytical frameworks in order to address the present and, above all, the future.

  • 9-November-2015


    Launch of the OECD Economic Outlook, November 2015

    Global growth prospects have dimmed again. Since the crisis, we have become used to a familiar pattern: spring-time optimism followed by downgrades in growth forecasts as the year progresses. 2015 is no different.

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