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  • 15-February-2013


    Structural reforms more important than ever for a strong and balanced economic recovery

    Structural reforms offer governments a powerful tool to boost economic growth, create jobs and bring about a strong and balanced economic recovery, according to the OECD’s latest Going for Growth report.

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  • 11-February-2013


    Composite Leading Indicators (CLIs), OECD, February 2013

    Composite leading indicators (CLIs) show diverging growth patterns in the economic outlook of major economies.

  • 31-January-2013


    Colombia's economic outlook is strong, but deep challenges remain, OECD says

    The Colombian economy is strong and the outlook is promising, but the country must do more to ensure that the ongoing commodities boom contributes to sustainable and inclusive growth over the long-term, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Assessment of Colombia.

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  • 29-January-2013


    Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 29 January 2013

    OECD area annual inflation was 1.9% in the year to December 2012, unchanged from the annual rate in the year to November 2012. Annual inflation rates for all major components of the CPI were also broadly stable with energy price inflation at 2.9% and food price inflation at 2.1%.

  • 14-January-2013


    Composite Leading Indicators (CLIs), OECD, January 2013

    Composite leading indicators (CLIs), designed to anticipate turning-points in economic activity relative to trend, show signs of stabilising economic outlook in most major economies.

  • 9-January-2013


    Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 9 January 2013

    Annual inflation in the OECD area rose by 1.9% in the year to November 2012, compared with 2.2% in the year to October 2012. This easing in the annual rate of inflation mainly reflected slower growth in energy prices, which increased by 2.9% in November, down from 5.4% in October.

  • 14-December-2012


    Australia is in a strong position, but must adapt to take full advantage of rising Asia, OECD says

    The Australian economy is robust and faces a solid short-term outlook, but it must continue adapting to ensure that its privileged place in the Asia-Pacific region contributes to long-term sustainable growth, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Australia.

  • 13-December-2012


    G20 Quarterly Gross Domestic Product, third quarter 2012, OECD

    Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the G20 area grew by 0.6% in the third quarter of 2012 compared with 0.5% in the second quarter, according to preliminary estimates. The aggregate G20 GDP growth rate however continues to mask diverging patterns across economies.

  • 6-December-2012


    Slovak Republic remains strong, but it needs to become more inclusive, OECD says

    The Slovak Republic recovered strongly from the global economic crisis and is weathering well the storm that has struck its main European trading partners. The challenges going forward will be restoring public finances while driving down unemployment and fostering long-term inclusive growth, says the latest Economic Survey.

  • 29-November-2012


    Spain has embarked on the path to recovery, but must continue with reforms, OECD says

    Spain is immersed in a prolonged recession that has been compounded by the continuing crisis in the euro area. The path to recovery has been launched, but will require full implementation of reforms and some additional measures to restore confidence in the financial sector, redress public finances and bring down high unemployment, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Spain.

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