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  • 20-March-2014


    System of unit labour cost, OECD - Updated: March 2014

    Unit labour costs (ULCs) in the OECD area increased marginally (by 0.1%) in the fourth quarter of 2013, following two successive quarters of stability.

  • 17-March-2014


    Czech Republic is recovering, but more must be done to jump-start income convergence with euro area countries, OECD says

    The Czech economy is finally coming out of a prolonged recession but must take further steps to speed up income convergence towards the euro area countries, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of the Czech Republic.

  • 17-March-2014


    G20 GDP Growth - Fourth quarter of 2013, Quarterly National Accounts, OECD

    Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the G20 area grew by 0.8% in the fourth quarter of 2013, down from 0.9% in the previous quarter, according to preliminary estimates.

  • 11-March-2014


    Recovery continuing in G7 countries, but emerging economies are mixed, OECD says

    Recovery is under way in the world’s advanced economies, underpinned by supportive financial conditions and reduced drag from budgetary tightening, but activity in the major emerging markets is mixed, according to the OECD’s latest Interim Economic Assessment.

  • 10-March-2014


    Poland can grow faster through labour market and pro-competition reforms, OECD says

    Poland’s economic performance has been impressive over the past 15 years, but further reforms are now needed to put the economy firmly back on track for stronger and sustainable growth, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Poland.

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  • 5-March-2014


    Norway’s success in generating inclusive growth can ensure future prosperity, OECD says

    The Norwegian economy is performing well, generating inclusive growth, strong social mobility and low unemployment. But to ensure future prosperity, Norway must continue with growth-enhancing reforms while ensuring financial stability, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Norway.

  • 4-March-2014


    Consumer Prices, OECD - Updated: 4 March 2014

    OECD annual inflation increases slightly to 1.7% in January 2014

  • 21-February-2014


    Ambitious structural reforms can pave the return to strong and sustainable growth, OECD says

    Adopting ambitious and comprehensive structural reform agendas will offer governments the best chance for a return to strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth that creates jobs and reduces inequality, according to the OECD’s latest Going for Growth report

  • 19-February-2014


    GDP Growth - Fourth Quarter 2013, Quarterly National Accounts, OECD

    OECD GDP growth rate stable at 0.6% in fourth quarter of 2013

  • 12-February-2014


    Finland’s economy is on the mend but pushing ahead with reform is key, says OECD

    Finland’s economy is gradually picking up, but uncertainty surrounds the recovery. Determined action to implement structural reforms is needed to revive economic growth, restore competitiveness and preserve high standards of living and well-being, according to the OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Finland.

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