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This series makes available, to a wider audience, selected studies which the Department has prepared for use within OECD.

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No. 27, June 2015

How to restore a healthy financial sector that supports long lasting inclusive growth?

No. 26, April 2015

Growth and income inequality: trends and policy implications

No. 25, April 2015

Do policies that boost aggregate growth generate economic instability for individual households?


No. 24, July 2014

Shifting gear:  policy challenges for the next 50 years

No. 23, February 2014

OECD forecasts during and after the financial crisis: a post mortem

No. 22, February 2014

How do growth-promoting policies affect macroeconomic stability?


No. 21, November 2013

Medium-run capacity adjustment in the automobile industry

No. 20, July 2013

How much scope for growth and equity-friendly fiscal consolidation? 

No. 19, June 2013

What future for health spending?

No. 18, June 2013

What makes civil justice effective?, Giustizia civile: come promuoverne l’efficienza?

No. 17, June 2013

Raising the returns to innovation: structural policies for a knowledge-based economy

N°. 16, Jan 2013

Debt and Macroeconomic stability: The perils of high debt and how to avoid them



‌N°. 15, Nov 2012

Looking to 2060: A global vision of long-term growth

‌N°. 14, Jun 2012

Financial Contagion in the Era of Globalised Banking

‌‌N°. 13, Jun 2012

International capital mobility: structural policies to reduce financial fragility

‌‌N°. 12, Apr 2012

What are the best policy instruments for fiscal consolidation?

‌‌N°. 11, Apr 2012

Fiscal consolidation: How much is needed to reduce debt to a prudent level?

‌‌N°. 10, Feb 2012

Managing government debt and assets after the crisis

‌‌N°. 09, Jan 2012

Income inequality and growth - The role of taxes and transfers

‌‌‌N°. 08, Jan 2012

Inequality in labour income - What are its drivers and how can it be reduced?



‌‌‌N°. 07, Jul 2011

Recent Developments in the Automobile Industry

‌‌‌N°. 06, May 2011

Getting the most out of International Capital Flows

‌‌‌N°. 05, Apr 2011

The persistence of high unemployment: what risks? what policies?

‌‌‌N°. 04, Mar 2011              

The Effects of Oil Price Hikes on Economic Activity and Inflation

‌‌‌N°. 03, Mar 2011

The Impact of Structural Reforms on Current Account Imbalances



‌‌‌N°. 02, Nov 2010              

Health care systems: Getting more value for money

‌‌‌N°. 01, May 2010

Counter Cyclical Economic Policy


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