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  • 27-August-2008


    Forecasting methods and analytical tools

    The use of econometric models in OECD's forecasting process, Sources and Methods of the OECD Economic Outlook.

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  • 4-June-2008

    English, , 470kb

    The implications of supply-side uncertainties for economic policy

    To address the current issues, this chapter starts by looking at simple ways of estimating the possible impact of recent increases in real energy and capital costs on potential growth.

  • 15-May-2008

    English, , 126kb

    Housing permits as an advance indicator of housing investment

    This note reports empirical work to quantify the relationship between permits and housing investment.

  • 6-December-2007

    English, , 228kb

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 82 Special Chapter: Corporate saving and investment: Recent trends and prospects

    Since 2001, OECD corporate net lending has risen sharply. This chapter examines various facets of corporate net lending with a view to understanding some of the main forces at play behind the recent run-up.

  • 24-May-2007

    English, , 769kb

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 80 Special Chapter: Has the rise in debt made household more vulnerable?

    This chapter begins by reviewing, for a number of OECD economies, macro-economic developments in household balance sheets and incomes over the past two decades. It then examines micro-level information to provide a more recent cross-sectional snapshot of the household sector.

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  • 24-May-2007

    English, , 204kb

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 81 Special Chapter: Fiscal consolidation: lessons from past experiences

    Fiscal consolidation is required in most OECD countries. This chapter presents evidence on the factors that in the past were associated with successful consolidation and with the preservation of those gains.

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  • 24-May-2007

    English, , 296kb

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 81 Special Chapter: Making the most of globalisation

    This chapter provides a synthesis of the work undertaken by the Economics Department on the economic effects of globalisation, while also draws on other OECD and non-OECD research.

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  • 27-May-2006

    English, , 157kb

    Future budget pressures arising from spending on health and long-term care

    Economic Outlook No. 79, Chapter 3. This special chapter addresses the following questions: How much will ageing boost public health and long-term care expenditures over the next 50 years? What other factors influence spending and how are they likely to evolve? Which role could policies play in containing future spending pressures?

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  • 29-November-2005

    English, , 329kb

    Recent house price developments: the role of fundamentals, EO78 Chapter 3

    Economic Outlook No. 78, Chapter III. Real house prices increased unusually rapidly in recent years. This paper examines several aspects of the current episode which are unique and the role of fundamentals in determining prices.

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  • 22-June-2005

    English, , 448kb

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