Economic outlook, analysis and forecasts


  • Global Economic Outlook, June 2017

    Global GDP growth is projected to pick up modestly to around 3½ per cent in 2018, from just under 3% in 2016, boosted by fiscal initiatives in the major economies. The forecast is broadly unchanged since November 2016. Confidence has improved, but consumption, investment, trade and productivity are far from strong, with growth slow by past norms and higher inequality.

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  • Using the fiscal levers to escape the low-growth trap

    In the context where public debt has reached high levels in most OECD countries, it is important to assess the extent of countries' fiscal space and the temporary deficit increase they can afford to run. A rethink is needed for how the fiscal policy stance should be evaluated, particularly in the context where very low sovereign interest rates provide more fiscal space.

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  • The effect of the size and mix of public spending on growth and inequality

    The size and mix of public spending can have a considerable effect on growth and inequality.

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