Labour markets, human capital and inequality

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  • Economic Survey of Ireland 2015

    Public employment services have been significantly upgraded but reform of training services for the unemployed lags behind. Training courses need to be evaluated and shut-down if graduates don’t get jobs afterwards. The new apprenticeship system should cover a broad range of trades.

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  • Economic Survey of Iceland 2015

    Large wage increases awarded during the recent collective bargaining round are well in excess of productivity. Reforms to current labour market institutions are needed to reduce tensions during wage bargaining negotiations.

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  • Economic Survey of South Africa 2015

    Growth has not been inclusive enough due to insufficient employment growth. Wage negotiations are too confrontational. Delivery of government labour market programmes is fragmented. Increasing the role of mediation and arbitration could make negotiations less confrontational. Establishing a full public employment service operating as a one-stop shop for job seekers would lower job search costs and improve the effectiveness of government programmes.

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