Growth Project Background Papers


  1. Growth, Inequality and Social Protection
    by Roman Arjona, Maxime Ladaique and Mark Pearson. June 2001

  2. Policy Implications of the New Economy
    by Ignazio Visco. May 2001 at OECD Forum 2001 on Sustainable Development and the New Economy

  3. Productivity Growth in ICT-Producing and ICT-Using Industries: A Source of Growth Differentials in the OECD?
    by Dirk Pilat and Frank C. Lee. June 2001

  4. R&D and Productivity Growth: Panel Data Analysis of 16 OECD Countries
    by Dominique Guellec and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie. June 2001

  5. Firm dynamics and productivity growth: a review of micro evidence from OECD countries
    by Sanghoon Ahn. June 2001

  6. Knowledge, Work Organisation and Economic Growth
    by Elena Arnal, Wooseok Ok and Raymond Torres. June 2001

  7. Computer Price Indices and International Growth and Productivity Comparisons
    by Paul Schreyer, May 2001

  8. Linking Entrepreneurship to Growth
    by David B. Audretsch and Roy Thurik, May 2001

  9. Interconnection and Local Competition
    by Wonki Min, February 2001

  10. Economic Growth and Technological Change - An Evolutionary Interpretation
    by Bart Verspagen, January 2001

  11. Economic Growth: The role of policies and institutions. Panel data evidence from OECD countries
    by Andrea Bassanini, Stefano Scarpetta and Philip Hemmings, January 2001

  12. Does human capital matter for growth in OECD countries? Evidence from pooled mean-group estimates
    by Andrea Bassanini and Stefano Scarpetta, January 2001

  13. Contributions of financial systems to growth in OECD countries
    by Michael Leahy, Sebastian Schich, Gert Wehinger, Florian Pelgrin and Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson, January 2001

  14. The internationalisation of venture capital activity in OECD countries: Implications for measurement and policy
    by Günseli Baygan and Michael Freudenberg, December 2000

  15. Entry, exit and aggregate productivity growth: micro evidence on Korean manufacturing
    by Chin-Hee Hahn

  16. Mobilising Human Resources for Innovation
    by M. Cervantes, October 2000

  17. Inward investment and technical progress in the UK manufacturing sector
    by Florence Hubert and Nigel Pain, October 2000

  18. Aggregate growth: what have we learned from the microeconomic evidence?
    by John Haltiwanger, October 2000

  19. Determinants of long-term growth: a Bayesian averaging of classical estimates (BACE) approach
    by Gernot Doppelhofer, Ronald Miller and Xavier Sala-i-Martin, October 2000

  20. The great reversals: the politics of financial development in the 20th century
    by Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales, October 2000

  21. Trade and growth: still disagreement about the relationship
    by Robert Baldwin, October 2000

  22. Growth effects of education and social capital in the OECD countries
    by Jonathan Temple, October 2000

  23. Human capital in growth regressions: How much difference does data quality make?
    by Angel de la Fuente and Rafael Doménech, October 2000

  24. Raising the speed limit: US economic growth in the information age
    by Dale Jorgenson and Kevin Stiroh, October 2000

  25. Summary of an informal workshop on the causes of economic growth
    by Jonathan Temple, October 2000

  26. Knowledge, technology and economic growth: recent evidence from OECD countries
    by Andrea Bassanini, Stefano Scarpetta and Ignazio Visco, October 2000

  27. Seizing the Opportunities of a New Economy; Challenges for the European Union
    by Thomas Andersson, September 2000

  28. Local Access Pricing and E-commerce
    by S. Paltridge, July 2000

  29. The New Economy: Fact or Fiction
    by Ignazio Visco, June 2000 for OECD Observer

  30. The Impact of public R&D expenditure on business R&D
    by D. Guellec and B. Van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, June 2000

  31. Economic growth in the OECD area: recent trends at the aggregate and sectoral level
    by Stefano Scarpetta, Andrea Bassanini, Dirk Pilat and Paul Schreyer, June 2000

  32. Policy influences on economic growth in OECD countries: an evaluation of the evidence
    by Sanghoon Ahn and Philip Hemmings, June 2000

  33. High-growth firms and employment
    by Paul Schreyer, May 2000

  34. The contribution of information and communication technologies to output growth
    by Paul Schreyer, March 2000

  35. Finance and Growth
    by Kotaro TSURU, January 2000


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