Productivity and long term growth

Prospects and Policies for Reviving Long-Term Growth and Reducing Inequality


Prospects and policies for reviving long-term growth and reducing inequality

Agenda: 2015 NERO Meeting, Paris, France

22 June 2015

[Each presentation lasts 20-25 minutes followed by 15 minutes for each discussant and then
a general discussion]



Introduction by Catherine Mann

09:15-11:15    Round 1: How to Project Output and Inequality


Warwick McKibbin (ANU/CAMA): "Long-term Economic Growth Projections and Factor Shares"

David Weil (NBER): "Capital, Wealth, Growth, and Inequality in the 21st Century"


Giuseppe Nicoletti and Nicolas Ruiz (OECD/ECO): Discussion of "Capital and Wealth in the XXIst century" by David Weil

Patrice Ollivaud (OECD/ECO): Comments on "Long Term Projections of the World Economy - a Review" by Alison Stegman & Warwick McKibbin


11:15-11:30    Break for coffee


11:30-13:30    Round 2: How to Revive Growth


Karl Aiginger (WIFO): "A Two-Stage Strategy for Restarting Growth in Industrialised Countries"
"Restarting Growth in Industrialised Countries: Ten Hypotheses"

Aida Caldera Sanchez (OECD/ECO): "Pursuing Structural Reforms in a Difficult Macro Context: What should be the Priority?"


Guntram Wolff (BRUEGEL)

Jesper Hansson (NIER)


13:30-15:00    Working lunch – presentation and discussion of current/future Policy Study Branch work


15:00-17:40    Round 3: Inequality and Growth


Corinne Prost (INSEE): "Impact of Future Growth on Pension Expenditures: The Effect of the Rules of Indexation"
Impact of Future Growth on Pension Expenditures: The Effect of the Rules of Indexation (paper)

Naomitsu Yashiro, Orsetta Causa (OECD/ECO): "Structural Policies and the Distribution of the Growth Dividends"

Federico Cingano (OECD/ELS): "Inequality, Mobility and Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries"

Boris Cournède, Oliver Denk and Paula Garda (OECD/ECO): Work in progress on "Microeconomic Costs and Benefits of Structural Reform"


Ayako Kondo (TCER): discussion for "Structural Policies and the Income Distribution of Growth Dividends"

David Weil (NBER): comments on "Impact of Future Growth on Pension Expenditures: The Effect of the Rules of Indexation"

Xavier Ragot (OFCE): comments on "Inequality and Growth"

17:40-18:00    Closing Remarks


Background and Additional papers:

Long term Projections of the World Economy - A Review
Alison Stegman and Warwick J. McKibbin (ANU/CAMA)

Capital and Wealth in the 21st Century
David N. Weil (NBER)

Dynamics, Inclusion, Sustainability: A research based vision for the socio-ecological future of Europe

Vingt ans de réformes des retraites : quelle contribution des règles d'indexation ?

Croissance potentielle en France et en zone euro : un tour d’horizon des méthodes d’estimation
Matthieu Lequien and Alexis Montaut (INSEE)

Disparités de rendement du système de retraite dans le secteur privé : approches intergénérationnelle et intragénérationnelle
Yves Dubois et Anthony Marino (INSEE)

Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2015, "The Effect of Pro-Growth Structural Reforms on Income Inequality"


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