Productivity and long term growth

NERO Meeting, 6 June 2005 - Agenda and list of papers


Meeting of Heads of National Economic Research Organisations
OECD Headquarters, 6 June 2005
Room 4

Chair: Martin Feldstein

Draft Agenda and List of papers

 10:00  1 Welcome by the Secretary-General of the OECD
 10:15  2 Discussion of work programmes in four rounds
    For each of items 2a, 2b and 2c it is proposed that the OECD Secretariat lead off with a presentation of the OECD work programme (5 mins.) followed by a "tour de table" in which each would describe relevant work.
 10:15  2a Discussion of work programmes on the issues of productivity, innovation and economic growth.
 11:30   Coffee break
 11:45  2b Discussion of work programmes on the issues of labour markets, human capital, training and migration
  13:00   Working lunch
It is proposed that the lunch be used to allow for a discussion of possibilities and modalities for collaboration among NEROs
 14:30  2c Discussion of work programmes on public sector issues (ageing, pensions, health, retirement, taxes)
15:45   Coffee break
16:00 2d Discussion of work programmes on important issues not covered in previous round, e.g. financial markets and growth

Other business

Under this heading Delegates may wish to suggest the theme(s) for the 2006 experts meeting

Note:   Work on issues involving the effects on the economic performance, and increasing importance, of international linkages ("globalisation") can fit under any one of the above headings. Delegates are invited to present relevant work on globalisation at a point that seems most appropriate, depending on the specific focus or conclusions of the work.


List of papers

CAMA - Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis
Research programme 2004-2005

WIFO- Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Research Programme 2004-2005
Labour market reforms and economic growth - the European experience in the 1990s

C.D. Howe Institute
Report on activities

CEPR - Center for Economic Policy Research
Programme activities 2004/5

CERGE-EI - Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economic Institute
Report on activities
The Kiel Institute for World Economics
Past and future activities 

IGIER - Inocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research
Core areas of research

fRDB - Fondazione Rodolfo DeBenedetti
Work Programme


KDI - Korea Development Institute
Research project 2005


INSEE - Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
Current research interests for the Département des Etudes Economiques d'Ensemble - D3E
A presentation of CREST - Centre de Recherche en Economie et en Statistique
OFCE - Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques
Work programme and work in progress

ESRI - Economic and Social Research Institute
Work Programme 2005

NCAER - National Council of Applied Economic Research
Work programme with focus on 2004-05

JCER - Japan Center for Economic Research
JCER working programs

TCER - Tokyo Center for Economic Research
Major activities: FY2004

CIDAC - Centro de Investigacion para el Desarollo, A.C.
Research agenda 2005
  CPB - Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
Headlines of CPB's working programme 2005
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust
Research streams
  NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research
An overview of the key activities
OECD  OECD economic research programme

Research project 2005