Productivity and long term growth

NERO meeting, 15 June 2007 - Agenda and papers


Meeting of National Economic Research Organisations
15 June 2007, OECD Headquarters, Room D
Chair: Martin Feldstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, NBER

Background papers / Presentations / List of participants

10:00   Welcome

10:15   Effects of globalisation on labour markets, productivity and inflation 
             Introduction by OECD Secretariat
10:45   Reactions by NERO panel
             Coen Teulings, CPB & Warwick McKibbin, CAM
11:15   General discussion

13:00   Lunch, Salle Georges Marshall

15:00   Main drivers of current account imbalances and their eventual unwinding
             Introduction by Martin Feldstein

15:30   Reactions by NERO panel
             Richard Portes, CEPR & Mitsuhiro Fukao, JCER

16:00   General discussion

17:00   Other issues, including the following proposed by NERO members:

              Hedge funds and private equity (Coen Teulings)

              Linkages between OECD and non-OECD countries (Suman Bery, NCAER)


Japan’s Macroeconomic Balance
Mitsuhiro Fukao,Japan Center for Economic Research, Keio University
The Effects of Globalisation on Labour Markets,Productivity and Inflation
Nigel Pain and Isabell Koske, OECD

Background papers:

Kennedy, M. and T.Sløk (2005) Are structural reforms the answer to global current account imbalances?Lee, Jong-Wha and W. J. McKibbin (2007) Domestic investment and external imbalances in East Asia
OECD, (2007) Chapter III from Economic Outlook No. 81
Pain, N. et al. (2006) Globalisation and inflation in the OECD economies
Pain, N. et al. (2006)  Globalisation and the Macroeconomic Policy Environment