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Housing and the economy


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This study compares a number of housing policies such as housing taxation, land use and rental regulations and social housing policies for OECD countries relying on new data. Based on a range of econometric analyses, it also investigates whether these housing-related policies achieve their objectives in an efficient and equitable way and if there are any side effects on other aspects of housing markets or on the wider economy.

Main paper:

Housing markets and structural policies in OECD countries (No. 836)
By Dan Andrews, Aida Caldera Sánchez, Åsa Johansson
Graphs and tables


Companion papers:

Real house prices in OECD countries: the role of demand shocks and structural and policy factors (No. 831) By Dan Andrews
Graphs & tables

The price responsiveness of housing supply in OECD countries  (No. 837)
By Aida Caldera Sánchez, Åsa Johansson
Graphs & tables

To move or not to move: what drives residential mobility rates in the OECD? (No. 846)
By Aida Caldera Sánchez and Dan Andrews
Graphs & tables

Drivers of homeownership rates in selected OECD countries (No. 849)
By Dan Andrews and Aida Caldera Sánchez
Graphs & tables


Associated release:

Housing and the economy: policies for renovation, chapter from Going for Growth 2011

Press release, 20 January 2011

Presentation from the conference 


Other publications:

The price responsiveness of housing supply in OECD countries in Journal of Housing Economics, Vol 22, Issue 3, September 2013
By Aida Caldera and Åsa Johansson

Variations in responsiveness of new housing supply to prices, selected OECD countries

(Estimates of the long-run price-elasticity of new housing supply)



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