Economic Survey of Poland 2016


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Investment in infrastructure and skills will support higher living standards and greater well-being Press release 

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Improving local infrastructure investments in Poland, blog

Vocational education after transition in Poland, blog

OECD Economic Surveys: Poland 2016

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Average annual real GDP growth, 2007-14
Per cent
Literacy proficiency scores for 16-65, 2012


Deaths from air pollution per 100 000 inhabitants, 2013


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For further information please contact the Poland Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

The OECD Secretariat's report was prepared by Nicola Brandt and Antoine Goujard, under the supervision of Peter Jarrett. Statistical research and assistance was provided by Patrizio Sicari, secretarial assistance was provided by Dacil Kurzweg and Krystel Rakotoarisoa.

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