Economic Survey of India 2014


Key Findings

> Overview (Executive Summary, Assessment & Recommendations)

> Press release: Reforms poised to put India on a strong, sustainable and inclusive growth path, OECD says

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Recovery but challenges: To achieve 8% GDP growth:

> Switch subsidy spending to social & physical infrastructure.

> Reform taxes to help fiscal consolidation and boost incomes for all

> Clean-up banking system so as to finance infrastructure

> Reduce structural barriers to job creation, esp. in manufacturing

> Improve health care

> Enable female labour force participation


The 2014 Economic Survey of India was prepared in the Economics Department by Isabelle Joumard and Urban Sila, under the supervision of Piritta Sorsa. Statistical research assistance was provided by Hermes Morgavi and Annamaria Tuske with general administrative assistance provided by Anthony Bolton. The Survey also benefitted from contributions at different stages by Pierre-Richard Agénor, Ankit Kumar, Lalita Som, Arnaud Daymard, Jan Mares, Ankit Mishra, Yuvraj Pathak, Mathilde Didier, Cioa Guimaraes, Marie Rabate and Gen Tang.

For further information please contact the India Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

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