Economic Survey of Colombia 2015


Overview of the Economic Survey of Colombia

Colombia is Latin America's fourth largest economy and its short-term growth prospects remain strong by OECD and Latin American standards. To ensure sustainable and inclusive growth over the medium-term, the Colombian authorities are faced with three key challenges: adjusting to the commodity boom, boosting productivity growth and reducing income inequality. Read the survey online (English)

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Visión General.

Colombia es la cuarta economía más importante de América Latina y sigue teniendo unas perspectivas de crecimiento sólidas a corto plazo en comparación con los países de la OCDE y de la región. A fin de garantizar un crecimiento sostenible e inclusivo a mediano plazo, las autoridades colombianas deben hacer frente a tres desafíos clave: adaptarse al auge de los productos básicos, impulsar el crecimiento de la productividad y reducir la desigualdad de los ingresos.


For further information please contact the Colombia Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

The Secretariat’s draft report was prepared for the Committee by Christian Daude, Christine De la Maisonneuve and Guillaume Bousquet under the supervision of Piritta Sorsa. Editorial support was provided by Anthony Bolton, Inés Gómez Palacio and Mikel Iñarritu. The Survey also benefitted from contributions by Bert Brys, Jane Korinek, Laurent Lambert, Sarah Perret, Julien Pascal, Mikaela Rambali and Virginia Robano.

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