China Economic Snapshot

Economic Forecast Summary (June 2020)

16 April 2019 Economic Survey of China

China’s “New Era” started with strong growth and per capita GDP will likely double by 2020 relative to 2010 , thus making a large contribution to the expansion of the world economy. According to long-term growth scenarios, until around 2030, China would contribute more to world growth than OECD countries. In that year, China’s share of world output would peak at 27%. In the recent couple of years, a greater focus has been put on the quality of growth rather than its pace, with early signs of success. Efforts have been made to stimulate domestic consumption and to avoid the worsening of macroeconomic imbalances. In the recent period, downward pressure on the economy has increased, partly as a result of escalating trade tensions, prompting the government to swiftly introduce stimulus measures to support growth.





Executive Summary