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The Chief Economist Talks are part of the OECD’s high-level distinguished speaker series in which global economic leaders, top thinkers and decision makers from major organisations are invited to discuss their perspective on the world economy with the OECD Chief Economist.  The talks that aim to foster learning and inspiration and provoke discussions that matter. Participation in these events is by invitation only and aimed at OECD staff and the OECD Ambassadors and delegations. They are not open to the press.



Monday, 25 May 2020

Michael Pettis: China’s growth prospects in 2020 and beyond 

On May 22, during the delayed National People’s Congress, Beijing will either announce its GDP growth target for 2020 or will announce that for the first time in decades it has decided not to have a GDP growth target. In this talk we will discuss how meaningful China’s GDP growth target is and whether it can it be compared with GDP growth in other countries. We will also discuss how the impact of Covid-19 will accelerate a number of processes that underlie Chinese growth.

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Blog: China’s GDP: What it means and why it matters

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Philippe AghionCollège de France

Covid and the future of capitalism

11 May 2020

Blog: Covid-19 as a wake-up call: Three considerations going forward

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Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva, Bank for International Settlements 

Green Swan 2: Climate Change and Global Risks after Covid-19

23 April 2020

Blog: Green swans: climate change risks, central banking and financial stability

Podcast: Luiz Pereira da Silva speaks about “green swan” risks

Book: The green swan - Central banking and financial stability in the age of climate change

Speech: Green Swan 2 - Climate change and Covid-19: reflections on efficiency versus resilience

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