Brazil Economic Snapshot

Economic Forecast Summary (November 2019)

On the assumption that the reform agenda continues to advance, growth is projected to gain momentum in 2020. However, high unemployment is falling only slowly, and newly created jobs are of low quality, including many informal jobs.

Reform Priorities (July 2019)

Some progress has been made in reducing trade barriers, by limiting local content requirements in the oil and gas sector. An education reform has given schools more flexibility to adapt to students’ needs.


28 February 2018 - Economic Survey of Brazil

Strong growth and remarkable social progress over the past two decades have made Brazil one of the world’s leading economies, despite the deep recession that the economy is now emerging from. Macroeconomic stability, favourable demographic trends and external conditions allowed an expansion of private and public consumption, in the context of solid employment and wage growth. A buoyant labour market coupled with improving access to education and extensive transfer programmes allowed millions of Brazilians to move into better jobs and attain better living standards. As 25 million Brazilians have escaped poverty since 2003, growth has become much more inclusive. These are remarkable achievements..